Clammers Menaced by Fake Quahaugs, Old Bedsprings

Clammers Menaced by Fake Quahaugs, Old Bedsprings

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Clam diggers are having a hard time these days, and [it] isn't from the weather. Greene River, between Potowomut and North Kingstown, is the scene of fiendish devices against clammers, according to usually reliable sources.

Fake quahaugs, cast in concrete by the thousand, are being taken in these waters, it is reported. Several bushel baskets full, representing a day's work, may return only a few cents in actual clams.

The other source of annoyance is a veritable mat of old bedsprings, wired together, said to cover much of the river bottom. A bull rake or tongs caught in this contraption may as well be kissed good-bye.

East Greenwich Pendulum, June 19, 1958.

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