Nope, No Bacon

Nope, No Bacon

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So Customer Wrecks Place At Cranston

"What, no bacon?" asked the customer.

"Nope," laconically answered the clerk in Frank Iaciafano's Cranston market.

That, apparently, was enough for the customer. Bit by bit, he proceeded to pull the store apart. Passersby were sure that a four-ton block buster had descended on the heretofore peaceful community.

Today, Anthony Mariano, 44, of 22 Cope street, Providence, whose liking for bacon and dislike of meat shortages caused the wrecking of the store, was committed to the state hospital for mental diseases by Acting Judge Edward Drinkwater in Eighth District Court.

Mariano walked into the market early yesterday afternoon. After receiving the negative answer be proceeded to (1) smash the refrigerator, (2) hurl soda bottles through showcases, (3) sweep the cash register and scales to the floor, breaking them, and (4) heave fresh vegetables, spices and flavors all over the place.

Leaving the once neat store the irate customer concentrated on the exterior as follows:

He picked up stones and laid down a barrage which destroyed (1) four big and expensive plate glass windows (2) transom windows, and (3) even a window in a second floor apartment.

Damage was estimated by police at several hundred dollars.

The Pawtucket Times, March 25, 1943.

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