Before I leave, they load me up with a box roughly the size of Rhode Island full of baked goods.
—, "The Night Kitchen: The Secret Lives of Early Morning Bakers," by Jessie Oleson, April 7, 2009. Submitted by Tina in Wakefield.

Disappointments were minor. Sometimes the cooks are too timid with salt, as they were with grilled whole calamari ($6.50) and the pork chop ($12.50), which was about the size of Rhode Island.
New York Times, "In a Cluster of Popular Spots, a Trattoria Takes a Stand," by Amanda Hesser, June 26, 2002. Submitted by Sarah Zurier.

In one year, Dunkin' Donuts serves enough freshly brewed coffee for every person in the state of Rhode Island to have 577 cups.
—, (October 2000).

The Chocolate Krakatoa is bigger than Rhode Island. Well, almost.
—, restaurant review, "Chino Latino explores intercontinental gastronomic pleasures with gusto," by Jennifer Undis, May 5, 2000.

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