Map showing counties bigger than Rhode Island
U.S. counties bigger than Rhode Island. (, May 27, 2012).

There are an astounding 504 counties in the U.S. that are larger than Rhode Island., "Alternate Rhode Islands," May 27, 2012.

Mr. Telepan's veal supplier, Duane Merrill of Walton, N.Y., said there was no slaughterhouse in Delaware County, "and it's the size of Rhode Island."
New York Times, "Push to Eat Local Food Is Hampered by Shortage," by Katie Zezima, March 26, 2010.

Texas has more counties (254) than any other state. Forty-one counties in Texas are each larger than the state of Rhode Island.
—, "Just How Big is Texas?," (March 2002).

Three times the size of Rhode Island, which has 1 million people, Piscataquis County [Maine] has just 18,000 people....
The Boston Globe, (2000-2001). Submitted by Carol.

The average size of... the 3,141 counties in the [United States]... is 1,126 miles, or about the size of Rhode Island.
—, "Measuring up Rhode Island," by Chester E. Smolski, Spring 2001.

The [Montezuma] County [Colorado] Sheriff's Department patrols an area roughly twice the size of Rhode Island.
—Mesa Verde Country, (August 2000).

Larger than some states, Pima County [Arizona] comprises an area the size of Connecticut, Delaware, and two Rhode Islands, or 9240 square miles, with a total population of about 800,000 people.
—Pima County, Arizona, "Cultural and Historic Preservation Element of the Pima County Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan," by Linda Mayro and David Cushman, May 1999.

Not bad for a state the size of a typical county in Montana.
—, "From Simple to Sumptuous: Watch Hill to Newport," by Tanya Tabachnikoff, 1998.

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