Commercial: The Christmas Gift

Commercial: The Christmas Gift


Kingston Station, 2007
Kingston Station. (Jack McCabe, circa 2007)

Jack McCabe (posting on Facebook on June 7, 2022), told how he witnessed the filming of a commercial at the Kingston Train Station in West Kingston in 1986. He recalled it as being for "a John Denver Christmas special." Possibly he meant The Christmas Gift, a made-for-TV movie starring John Denver that was released on December 21 that year. The movie was filmed in Colorado, so it's unclear why a commercial for it would have been filmed in Rhode Island, but perhaps someone else out there will recall more details.

Filming inside Kingston Station, 1986
Interior shooting. (Jack McCabe, 1986).

Exterior filming, Kingston Station, 1986
Exterior shooting on the platform. (Jack McCabe, 1986).

Jack was working in the station in some capacity at the time, and he further noted that "I had some time to chat with the talents on their break. Although I was on duty I was pushed out of the office much of time by the film crew so they could get their work done. They took good care of us and [we] even had access to the food table."

Craft services, 1986
Sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch. (Jack McCabe, 1986).

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