The Bachelor

The Bachelor

(ABC, 2002—) reality series

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Warwick resident Krisily Kennedy (Miss Rhode Island USA 2003) graced the Spring 2005 (S7) season of the show, making it all the way to the final two before being rejected, in the May 16 finale, in favor of a nurse from Texas.

In one episode, cameras followed the twenty-five-year-old Kennedy back to Warwick for a visit with her family. Her grandmother, Kathy Kennedy, danced a bump and grind with Krisily, then advised her grandaughter that sleeping with the Bachelor (Charlie O'Connell) would give her an edge over other contestants. All right, grandma!

Here's how other Rhode Island contestants have fared:

  • S5, Karen Lindsay, a former Miss Rhode Island (1999). Eliminated in week four (5th place).
  • S15, Jackie Gordon from Newport. Eliminated in week six (7th place).
  • S17, Lauren Marchetti from Cranston. One of seven eliminated in the week one rose ceremony.
  • S26, Jill Chin from Scituate. One of three eliminated in the week five rose ceremony.

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