Steve, Cranston, Rhode Island

Steve, Cranston, Rhode Island

I read [your] Salty page and was reminded of some details I'd forgotten. Some that are not mentioned are his pot-belly stove and frequent guest appearances by Hank Bouchard clad in cowboy attire with guitar. Does anyone else remember when the shack was "remodeled"? Some changes were apparently required at the WPRO studio and Salty, along with Hank, made much ado about the renovations, sawing away at boards and knocking hammers against the walls of the new set.

I also recall another show sponsor which Salty would partake of while announcing the product name with perfect elocution: "Maid Rite Poe-tay-toe Chips!"

I watched Salty every afternoon as a child. I wish I could see it again, along with the Popeye cartoons I so enjoyed.

Received via email, February 16, 2007.

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