Paula, White Plains, New York

Paula, White Plains, New York

Here's a picture of the back of Salty's old boat. It's called No School and has Foster Gloster on it because it was seen as funny that Foster Gloster seemed to be located in such a way that they had school cancelled the most often. People would joke about it, and they were so used to Salty saying it over the air. Anyway, he kept his boat on Harbour Island. I took this photo in August 2009. I don't know if it is still there.

Salty's boat, 2009.
Salty's boat, Harbour Island, Galilee, Narragansett. (Courtesy of Paula Piekos, August 2009).

I also heard a good anecdote. The Southland Tourist boat went up and down the Salt Pond area and all the way up into Harbour Island's waters. When the tour guide went by Salty's house, he announced on his loudspeaker, "...and there on your right is the home of Salty Brine!" Salty was on the dock and he yelled to the boat, "And look, it's Salty Brine himself!"

I rented a cottage nearby and kayaked over to take this picture. I heard that Salty's son doesn't really like people poking around taking photos these days. I haven't rented on Harbour Island since then. I used to see Salty and Mickie in the old Hanson's Landing. He was very friendly to me. I once went to his house because a friend at the time had a mobile engine repair business and we had to go to his dock to look at his engine. It was a beautiful property. I just hung around on his back lawn, while my friend fixed his motor.

Here is another Salty anecdote. I once went to mass at Star of the Sea church on the highway heading toward the Galilee Causeway. I was late, so when I got there, all the seats were full and people were standing against the walls. A man told me I could go sit in the choir loft. When I got there, who was at the organ, but Salty! He was the organist for that church.

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