Michael, Marshall, Michigan

Michael, Marshall, Michigan

On occasion I give Google some obscure information recalled from the past just to see if I can find anything about it. Well today I used "Rise and shine with Salty Brine" and came upon your page about him.

The reason why I used those keywords is because my father used to say that to us sometimes in the morning when we were kids (and probably even beyond). He was born (1941) and raised in West Warwick, Rhode Island, but I never lived in Rhode Island. I was born in Maryland in 1967 and then dad's job with the USDA took us from Maryland to Michigan in 1975. He died suddenly back in New England (strangely enough) while visiting his sister in Vermont in 2002. We had every few years, up through the mid-1980s, visited dad's boyhood home in West Warwick, as Nana lived there until she died, and one of my aunts and her husband remained in the home that "Papa," a Portuguese immigrant carpenter, had built himself.

All I knew of Salty Brine was that he was a "cah-toon" host, until I saw your page and now I know much more! Thanks!

Received via email, April 4, 2007.

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