Ken, Manchester, New Hampshire

Ken, Manchester, New Hampshire

I come from an old line of Rhode Islanders, was born in 1952 in Newport and raised in Portsmouth.

My brother, sister and I loved listening to Salty's radio show, hoping against hope for a school cancellation. When we were young, it always seemed to snow much more in other parts on the state than on the island. One morning, as usual, Salty gave the big "no school in Fosta Glosta" line and then proceeded to name about a million (it seemed) other towns where school had been cancelled. Then, and it must have been with a sly grin, he added, "but, for all you lucky kids in Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth, there will be school!" We forgave him... eventually.

I have such fond memories of watching The Shack. My own kids know the line "brush your teeth and say your prayers." One particularly fond memory of mine took place probably around 1962-'03 when I would have been ten or eleven years old. Salty was running a contest to win a chance to go on a cruise with him around Narragansett Bay on a boat called the Prudence 2. You had to send in a postcard to enter. Then he would draw a few out of a big hamper each night and announce the names of the winners. One night, I just about jumped out of my skin when he read my name! So, my mother and I went up to Providence on the big day and went on the cruise. I remember being allowed up in the pilot house with Salty who explained about the red and green buoys in the channel. What a memory. Gotta stop now. Getting all choked up.

Prudence II ferry, 1980s.
A combination of two photos of the ferry Prudence II, circa 1980s. (From the estate of Deborah M. Smith of Pawtucket).

Go with God, Salty.

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