Century, Salt Lake City, Utah

Century, Salt Lake City, Utah

What a treat to reminisce about Salty Brine. I was another of those kids glued to the radio during a snow storm, wishing for Salty to announce a snow day. I don't think he ever listed Kingston, but those lucky ducks in Foster-Glocester! Where was that, the North Pole?

As a kid in the early seventies, I had a job washing dishes at the Sweet Meadows Inn in Narragansett. I believe Salty was part owner or an investor. Whenever he came in, the mood of the whole place would pick up. He would stop and poke his head in the kitchen and say hi to everybody. Even as the lowly dishwasher, I got the same genuine warmth and smile as everyone else. I can remember like it was yesterday how good it made me feel.

Sweet Meadows Inn and Motel, 1978.
The dining room of the Sweet Meadows Inn and Motel. (LK Guide to Rhode Island, 1978).

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