Warwick, Rhode Island

I lived in Jamestown on East Shore Road in '78. That storm blew sand and seaweed on windows that weren't even directly facing the bay. After it cleared, I had about four inches of sand and rocks in the driveway, but only a one- to two-inch crust of snow in most places. The road had been plowed of the small amount that had accumulated there and it lay bare to pavement in the sun. I couldn't believe that this was a big snow storm that caused school and work closings! Usually, coastal storms pile the snow up on the south coast and the Providence area is spared. I drove my little VW Bug up into North Kingstown and was surprised how much more snow they had near Electric Boat. The photos of that storm still astound me, especially I-95 jammed up with snow-covered cars. For me, the storm was a bore, once the tide left the yard and the wind stopped shaking the windows. But from where I was it sure was a Nor'easter. Apparently, the center of the storm stalled off the coast of Boston, and not south of us, so the Rhode Island coast was spared the dumping.

Originally posted in the alt.rhode_island newsgroup, November 25, 2000.

Short Point Cove, Jamestown, 2003
Some sand, some rocks, some seaweed. Short Point Cove, Jamestown. (September 7, 2003).

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