1776 flintlock pistol
1776 U.S. flintlock pistol.

b. August 11, 1965, Saint Matthews, South Carolina

If we hadn't blown it up and sold it for souvenirs, this would be our Plymouth Rock.

Discover Rhode Island! (It's not just the old license plate slogan.)

(Fox, 1993-2001) sci-fi drama series

Do-it-yourself Rhode Island cuisine.

So each February, hundreds of beekeepers from around the country converge on the almond farms with their hives in tow. Lasting about four weeks, it's the largest such pollination effort on Earth: 1.6 million hives buzzing with 48 billion bees across an area about the size of Rhode Island.

The little hill with a worldwide reach.
by Barbara Sarkesian

(CBS, 2001-present) travel competition series

b. August 16, 1939, Quincy, Massachusetts
d. November 16, 2010, Barrington

b. September 23, 1738, Providence
d. September 6, 1836, Providence

b. 1824 and 1840
d. 1897 and 1917