"Providence, August 6, 1763. STRAYED away on the 2d of this Instant, a red roan Mare, about 14 Hands high, 12 Years old and upward, and paces well; had on when she went away, a Pair of Iron Fetters with 2 Rings in the Middle of them, the Links being bent different from what they were at first, by Reason of being worn. The same day she went away, she was put into the Pasture of Captain Jonathan Olney, being taken up by him; but she broke down the Fence and went off again. Whosoever shall take up said Mare, and convey her to Mr. Nedabiah Angel, of Johnston, who is her Owner, or to the Subscriber, shall have Two Dollars Reward, and all necessary Charges paid by me, JOSEPH HEWES."
Providence Gazette and Country Journal, August 6, 1763.

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