by Florence Markoff

Brief stories of famous and not-so-famous Rhode Islanders.

Radio listeners since the 1970s have been delighted by Florence Markoff's audio featurettes, Rhode Island Portraits in Sound (which spotlights famous and little-known Rhode Islanders) and There's a Word for It (which explores the fascinating origins of words and phrases). Now we here at Quahog are pleased to bring you a taste of the former in the form of a few of the original radio scripts for Rhode Island Portraits in Sound. Call them Rhode Island Portraits (in Text).

In 1998, '99, and 2001, grants from the Champlin Foundation allowed Markoff to produce a set of three cassette tapes that include sixty-nine Rhode Island Portraits in Sound radio spots. You can find them in most Rhode Island libraries.

Providence resident Florence Markoff (1927-2017) was a speaker, performer, storyteller, and radio personality.

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