237 Newman Avenue, Rumford, East Providence
(401) 435-3037

From their website: "Since 1917, Crugnale Bakery has been hand baking the finest Italian breads, rolls, pizza, calzones and much more. All our products are baked fresh daily using only the finest ingredients. We are proud to say we have been using the same recipes for almost 100 years!"

Crugnale's pizza strips are a tad greasier than most we've tried, but they're quite good, and the skin of your hands will be soft and supple afterward. Day-old strips are cheaper (three for $1 as of May 2002), and we were once told by one of the counter ladies that, "They're better the next day!" Whether or not this is true we'll leave for others to decide.

Yelp reviews almost uniformly comment on the crankiness of the "old ladies" behind the counter at this location. Some advice for avoiding the crankiness: 1) "Always be nice to the old ladies that work there. Being crabby is a one-way street. The old biddies can crab at you but you can't crab at them. Accept that and you will save yourself aggravation."—Eric G. 2) Cash only; no credit cards, no checks. 3) "Another prerequisite for getting service from the lovely ladies at the counter: exact change. Hand them a $20 bill and they'll stare you right out the door."—Jeanne D.

This Crugnale location is open Monday-Friday. 7:30am-5:30pm; Saturday, 7:30am-5p,; Sunday, 7:30am-2pm.

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