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Awful Awful®s

A drink made from flavored syrup, milk, and ice milk.

Newport Creamery (10 locations)
"Awful Big, Awful Good!" "Drink three, get one free!"


A drink made from milk, syrup, and ice cream.

Gray's Ice Cream (two locations)
Mmmm... ginger cabinets!
Lickety Splits Ice Cream and Sweet Shoppe (two locations)
Sounds rude, tastes great!

The clam shack trinity

Clam cakes are deep-fried dough mixed with chopped clams. A stuffed clam (or “stuffie”) is bread stuffing (bread crumbs, onions, spices) mixed with chopped clams and baked in a clam shell. Rhode Island clear chowder is an anemic broth made from clams, potatoes, bacon, onions, herbs, and spices, which is commonly mistaken for the dishwater that comes from cleaning up after New England clam chowder.

Blount Clam Shack (two locations)
"Home of the giant lobster roll!"
Flo's Clam Shack (two locations)
"Famous for clams since 1936." "Closed hurricanes!"
Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House (two locations)
"It's always summer at Iggy's!"

Coffee milk

Milk mixed with coffee syrup. It’s the Rhode Island state drink.


A prefabricated structure, built in a factory, and transported to a location for food service. Diners were invented in Rhode Island, so we’re rather fond of them.


Fried hamburger, peppers, onions, tomato sauce, and crushed red pepper, served on a torpedo roll. Like a sloppy Joe on crack.

Frozen lemonade

Granulated ice flavored with lemons and sugar. The best part of summer.

Del's (18 locations)
"Stop at the sign of the lemon," "It's refreshingly different!"
New England Frozen Lemonade and Refreshments (two locations)
"All natural!"


Small hot dogs with a natural casing, slathered in mustard, meat sauce, chopped onions, and celery salt, and served in a steamed bun. Finding inconsistent spellings of “wiener” is part of the fun!

Jesse's N.Y. System (two locations)
Where can I find a weiner like that!
Olneyville New York System (two locations)
"R.I.'s Best Hot Wieners!"

Johnnycakes (or Jonnycakes)

Pancake-like disks made specifically from Rhode Island ground white flint corn. Asphalt roofing tiles, just like the settlers ate.

Pizza strips

Rectangular slices of crust slathered with spicy pizza sauce. They have no cheese and are properly served at room temperature.

Calvitto's Pizza and Bakery (two locations)
Pizza strips to die for!
Colvitto's Pizza and Bakery (two locations)
Say hello to garlic!
Crugnale Bakery and Pizza (four locations)
"Quality baked bread since 1917." And pizza strips!
DePetrillo's Pizza and Bakery (three locations)
"Delicious Fresh-Baked Goodness"
Palmieri's Bakery (two locations)
"Established 1901!"
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