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Excerpt from History of Providence County by Richard M. Bayles (Part 2)

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Biographical sketches, "Town of Johnston"
GIDEON BROWN, born April 9th, 1833, is a son of Cyrus and Sarah Brown, the former born in 1791. They had seven sons and four daughters. Cyrus was a son of Gideon, Sr. They were all born in Johnston, R.I. Cyrus Brown, soon after the war of 1812, was colonel of state militia, and in 1843 was state senator. Gideon, Jr. was married in 1862 to Ada E., daughter of Benedict Aldrich. They have one daughter, Sarah A., born in 1867. The father of Mrs. Brown, Benedict Aldrich, is living with his son-in-law, Gideon Brown. He is 97 years old, and the oldest Mason in New England. He was made a Mason in 1814, in Friendship Lodge, No. 7, of Chepachet, and has taken the past master degree.

WILLIAM M.V.B. BROWN, born in 1834, is a son of Cyrus and Sarah Brown. He was married to Ellen M. Davol in 1877, and they have four children.

PHEBE BROWN, born in 1809 in Johnston, is a daughter of Nathan and Susan Brown, who had ten children. Phebe was the youngest daughter. Nathan brown died in 1831, and Phebe has since lived on the farm she now operates.

WALTER S. BROWELL, born in Little Compton, R.I., in 1820, was a son of Jonathan and grandson of Sylvester, he a son of Jonathan, he a son of George, he a son of Thomas, who came over with his father, Thomas, from Derbyshire, England, to this country not far from 1660. Thomas Jr., was a deputy to the general assembly under the royal charter in 1664. The mother of Walter S. was Elizabeth Hall Simmons, sister of the Honorable James F. Simmons of Johnston, R.I. The grandmother of Walter S. was Mercy Church, who was great-granddaughter of Captain Benjamin Church. Walter S. Brownell married Delana A. Pierce in 1846. They had ten children, seven of whom are living: Walter S., Jr., Willie P., Samuel F.M., Delia, Abbie E., Hattie L., and Harry. Walter S. came to Johnston in 1837. He was appointed the first postmaster of Johnston, at Simmonsville, in 1847, and held the office two years; was elected town clerk in 1861, served two months, and then went to Washington and was clerk in the Interior Department two years, and in the War Department a part of a year, under Quartermaster General Meigs, then returned to Johnston and was appointed assistant assessor in the internal revenue of the 2d District, R.I., and served ten years. He was appointed postmaster at Olneyville by President Arthur and served four years. He was elected town clerk about six years, and was elected president of the town council for about 13 or 14 years, and also was elected an assessor of taxes for many years in the town of Johnston, and held many other offices, such as justice of the peace, notary public, trustee of school district No. 15, and treasurer for many years of the First Free Baptist Society of Olneyville. He is now deputy sheriff of Providence County, and assessor of town taxes for Johnston.

GEORGE CLINGTON CALEF, senior member of the firm of Calef Brothers, is a native of Vermont, and was born in Washington, that state, June 19th, 1837. He was the son of Cutting S. and Martha Paine Calef, and was brought up on a farm. His father was a leading business man, but died at the age of 47, when George C. was seven years old. His wife, Martha H., belonged to one of the first families of Barre, VT. She was born in 1801, and died in 1885. Their children were: Ezra P., Warren H., Alden D., Ira C., Quincy O., Miraette A., Elmer Norton, Cutting S., and George C., Martha, Lucy A., and John F. Ezra went to Illinois, Alden to Boston, Ira to Providence, Elmer N. to Oregon, Cutting S. and George C. to Providence. Martha died when young. The others settled in Washington. Elmer N. died in Oregon, in December, 1890, leaving a wife and 12 children. Cutting S. died in Washington, Vt., but had always resided in Providence.

George C. Calef remained on the farm until he was 21 years old, receiving in the meantime a common school education, with a few terms at the academy. In 1858, he came to Providence and began working for Abner Gay, Jr., in the market business on the corner of North Main and Thomas Streets, and in 1859 Ira C., Cutting S. and George C. Calef became successors to Gay, and business has continued at the old stand, and under the same name (Calef Brothers) ever since. In connection with this enterprise in Providence, which is the largest family market now in the city, the house has also done much western business with Chicago. They also have a branch store at Lonsdale, and employ in all from 20 to 25 hands, in a business which amounts to $200,000 annually. Mr. Ira Calef in time retired from the firm, and was succeeded by Charles H. Jefferds. After the death of Cutting S. Calef and the retirement of Charles H. Jefferds, Clarence Kingsbury and Louis A. Gladding were admitted into the firm. Mr. Calef also owns a large livery stable on Battey Street, Providence, in which over 50 horses are kept.

Mr. Calef has taken great interest in educational work, and has been trustee of the Manton school district for ten years, and still holds that office. Through his efforts, largely, the first high school was established in Johnston. He has been a member of town council, is a member of the executive committee of the Butchers and Marketmen's Association, an active member, and one of the executive committee of the Sons of Vermont, president of the Manton Building and Improvement Association, president of the Olneyville Free Library Assoc., and chairman of the building committee, and has taken great interest in securing the elegant and costly building now in process of erection, to be devoted to library and other uses. The improvements at Manton are largely due to his influence and enterprise in securing Pawtuxet water, street lights, telephone communication, curbed and graded streets and horse cars. Mr. Calef has always had a good opinion of real estate, and has invested largely in that kind of property. He built his commodious residence in 1874. Mr. Calef is a keen observer, and with his wife has traveled considerably, they having visited 45 of the 58 cities in the United States, having a population of 50,000 and over.

In September, 1855, he was married to Emma Sanders, daughter of Richard and Almira Sanders, of Providence, and sister of Cutting S. Caleb's wife, and is the father of seven children, six now living, viz.: Irene L., Herbert C., Mabel S., Frank T., Edith and Helen B. Richard Sanders was a successful business man, highly respected by the citizens of Providene, and was a member of the legislature at the time of his death in 1868. Mr. Calef and his family attend the First Universalist church of Providence, and he is a man who finds his chief pleasure in his home and family and in extending hospitality.

WILLIAM A. CARROLL was born in Vermont in 1837, and came to Johnston in 1853. He is a son of Thomas and Mary Carroll of Vermont. He was married to Mary J. Chamberlin, and has one son and one daughter. Mr. Carroll was elected chief of police in 1886. He has been patrolman since 1865. He belongs to the order of Knights of Pythias.

STEPHEN H. CLEMENCE, born in Glocester, January 13th, 1834, is a son of Richard R. and Mary Clemence. Richard R. was born in 1791 and had ten children. Stephen H., the youngest son, came to Johnston in 1864. He married Elsie A., daughter of Mathewson W. and Fidelia Paine. They have four children: Mary A., born in 1862; Ida M., born in 1864; Stephen H., Jr., born 1867, and Richard R., born 1870.

HURLEY COLWELL, born in Glocester in 1818, is a son of Uriah and Deborah Colwell. Uriah was a son of Stephen, he a son of Joseph, all born in Glocester, R.I. Uriah had ten children. Harley, the eldest son, married Eliza Brown for his first wife. They had ten children. She died in 1869. Mr. Colwell married Catharine H. Bickford, of Maine. They have one son, Leon S., born in 1873. Harley Colwell came to Johnston in 1845. He has held several town offices and was a member of school committee 16 years.

WILLIAM B. COLWELL, born January 4th, 1857 in Johnston, is a son of Harley and Eliza Colwell. He married in 1879 Betsey A., daughter of George W. Bliss of Massachusetts. They have one son, Elmer W., born October 24th, 1882. Mr. Colwell is a farmer, has been in the town council three terms, is a democrat and takes an active part in the councils of his party.

JOHN A. CRAM, son of Abner A. Cram, was born in New Hampshire in 1829, and came to Johnston in 1849. He is a veterinary surgeon (Homeopathic). He commenced study and practice in 1859 and has followed it ever since. He is very successful and has a large practice in the towns of Johnston, Smithfield and Cranston. He married Lydia W. Thornton in 1849. She was the daughter of Benjamin Thornton. They have seven children.

Mrs. CAROLINE A. DANFORTH is a daughter of John Hopkins. She married Andrew J. Danforth in 1850. He was a son of Walter R. Danforth, and grandson of Job. Walter R. was mayor of the city of Providence in 1855-56. Andrew died November 17th, 1866. He served as a sergeant in the Fourth Iowa Regiment, was transferred to the Sixth Missouri and served until the end of the war. John Hopkins, father of Mrs. Danforth, was a son of John Hopkins, who married Sarah G. Knowles, daughter of James Knowles, who was a soldier in the revolution and was taken a prisoner to England and returned to this country at the conclusion of the war.

LARNED DEAN, born in 1816 in Burrillville, R.I., is a son of Robert and Sabra (Fairfield) Dean, who had three sons and five daughters. Larned was the eldest. He came to Johnston in 1838. He married in 1837 Mary, daughter of Daniel Mowry. They had one son who died in California. For his second wife he married Susan G., daughter of George W. Mowry. She was born in 1832. Her first husband was Lewis Brown. She has one daughter who married Perry Sherman and has two children. Mr. Larned Dean has been representative one term and one term in the town council.

JOHN ENTWISTLE was born in Lancashire, England in 1838, and came to this country in 1856. He married in 1857 Ellen Walch. They had two children, William and John. Mrs. Entwistle died in 1875, and he married for his second wife Sarah Loomis, daughter of William Loomis of Providence.

EDWARD M. EVANS was born in 1824, and married Phebe A. Randall in 1855. She was born October 11th, 1833, and survives her husband, who died January 6th, 1887. She is a daughter of Isaac and Ruth Greene Randall. Edward M. and Phebe A. Evans had four children: Walter E., born in 1861; Frank H., born in 1863; Hannah B., born in 1868, and Charles F., born in 1870. Walter E. married Grace L. B. SWEET in 1886. They have two children: Charles E., born in 1887, and Caroline S., born in 1890. Hannah B. married David H. Steere in 1889.

WELCOME FENNER, born in Johnston in 1811, is a son of James and Betsey Fenner, who had nine children who grew up. Welcome married in 1836 Phebe W., daughter of Christopher Harris of Johnston. They have no children. Mr. Fenner in his younger days followed the trade of millwright and helped build many mills in Lonsdale and Morgan. He built the first water wheel in Lonsdale. He has held several town offices and is a republican. He had a brother in the war of 1812, who was in the battle of Greenbush, and lived many years after.

WILLIAM FENNER was born in Cranston in 1811, and died in 1874. He was married in 1841 to Sarah A. Wilbur, of Scituate, who survives him. They had three children: Byron, Eliza F. and Adaline. Byron and his mother live on the homestead.

BENJAMIN A. HARRIS, born in Johnston in 1819, was a son of Christopher. He married Maria, daughter of William Harris, of Johnston. They had five children: Albert A., Annie M., Charles B., Roderick D., and William. Benjamin A. Harris died in 1886.

NATHAN B. HARRIS, born in Johnston in 1828, is a son of William and Sarah Bowen Harris, grandson of Harding Harris, and great-grandson of Harding Harris, all natives of Johnston. He has an old deed in his possession, dated 1766, acknowledged before his great-uncle, Nathan B. Harris, who was a justice of the peace at that time; also a map made by his great-grandfather, Harding Harris, of Rhode Island, in 1776. Nathan B. Harris has been engaged in the retail grocery trade since 1863 in Olneyville. He married Harriet, daughter of Nicholas and Haley Waterman of Johnston. They have three children.

LEWIS HOPKINS, son of Melvin and Harriet Hopkins, born in Glocester September 30th, 1831, came to Johnston in 1849, and married Mary J. Bennett, of Foster. Lewis Hopkins was a twin brother to Allen, who was killed at the battle of Antietam. Melvin and Harriet Hopkins had four pairs of twins, six boys and two girls. Melvin was born in Foster in 1808.

WALTER G. KENT, born in 1854 in Warwick, R.I., is a son of Nelson and Abbie Kent, and grandson of Samuel Kent. Walter G. married in 1880 Abbie A. Brown, of Cranston, daughter of James A. Brown. They have two sons, Walter G., Jr. and Earle B. Mr. Walter G. Kent has been engaged in the milk trade for 21 years.

JAMES E. KILLEY, born in Johnston in 1824, is a son of Jonathan S. and Eleanor B. Killey, and grandson of Ezekiel. His father and grandfather were born in Glocester, R.I., and his mother was born in Schenectady, N.Y. James E. was married to Cifuentas Greene. She was born in West Greenwich, R.I., and is a daughter of Joseph Greene. They have had four children, two of whom are living. Lydia A. and Nellie. Mrs. Killey belongs to the Methodist Episcopal Church at Allenville.

JOHN M. KING, born in 1822 in Johnston, is a son of William B., Jr., grandson of William B., and great-grandson of Josiah. William B., Jr., had three children: James S. , Amey J. and John M. He was a brother to Governor King. John M. King was married in 1849 to Emeline F. Angell. They had one son, William F. The farm Mr. J.M. King owns and occupies has been in the King family for many generations.

EDWIN LEE, born in 1824 in North Providence, is a son of John Lee. His mother was a Paulding. He was in 1852 married to Nancy J., daughter of Edmund Potter. They have one son, Alfred P., born in 1859. Edwin Lee followed the sea in his youthful days, and sailed around Cape Horn four times, and the Cape of Good Hope once.

EMERY P. LITTLEFIELD, born in Maine in 1822, is a son of James and Hannah Littlefield. He came to Johnston in 1842 and settled on a farm on Hartford Street. He has been twice married. His first wife was Mary B. Waterman. They had one son, Frederick, born in 1862. His second wife was Caroline E. Lapham of Johnston. Mr. Littlefield commenced life without a dollar and now owns a fine estate.

EDWIN T. LUTHER was born in Providence Dec. 24, 1840, and is one of the six children of William H. and Rachel (Town) Luther. His father, a native of Swansea, Mass., went to Providence while quite young, and there learned the trade of decorator of furniture. Mr. Luther received a good education in the Providence public schools, and early developed a desire to master the art of compounding drugs. When about 17 years of age his first experience in that business was obtained in the drug store of E.P. Sumner. He remained with Mr. Sumner during a period of about four years, and later with his brother, O. Sumner, for a short time. He afterward became associated with Peckham Brothers, and remained with them until January 16th, 1865, when he was enabled to start in business for himself on a small scale. Through perseverance and strict attention to business, Mr. Luther has placed himself in independent circumstances. Lately, a new store on the corner of Atwell's Avenue and Valley Street, Providence, was opened by him. Mr. Luther was married to Matilda Mecuin, daughter of James Mecuin. Their union has been blessed by five children, three of whom died in infancy. Those living are Emma F., wife of John Glasier, and Jennie M., who is at present attending school.

MARTIN MANN, born in Smithfield April 4th, 1837, is a son of Daniel and Anna Colwell Mann, natives of Smithfield. Mr. Mann came to Johnston in 1888, and was elected chief of police and town sergeant June 10, 1889. He was educated at the Powers Institute, Bernardston, Mass. He held several offices in Smithfield, including president of town council and court of probate one year, chief of police three years, judge of civil and criminal court four years. He was married in 1866 to Mary C. Maguire, of Newport. They had one son, Edward M. Mrs. Mann died July 23d, 1873. He married Mary F. Remington in 1878. She was the daughter of Honorable George W. and Olive Remington, of Exeter, R.I.

JAMES O. MATHEWSON, born in Johnston in 1824, is a son of Parris and Phebe Mathewson, who had ten children. James O. married Ruth A., daughter of William Sweet, in 1850. They have three children: Ann E., born 1852; Byron, 1853, and Phebe O., 1860, all married.

PHILIP L. MATHEWSON, a son of Isaac and Patience (Olney) Mathewson, was born in Providence in 1824. Isaac and Patience had three children. Patience died in 1824. Isaac married for his second wife Eliza Arnold, by whom he had two children. Philip L. married Sarah B., daughter of Jeremiah Thornton of Johnston. They have no children. Mr. Mathewson has been in the town council, and a member of general assembly one term. He lives on the Deacon Olney Farm in Johnston.

WILLIAM H. MATHEWSON, born in 1867, is a son of William H., Sr., (who died in 1887) and Mary F. Westcott, daughter of Joseph Westcott. William H., Jr., the only son, married Nellie V. Burchard, daughter of Horace E. Burchard, of Johnston. William H., Jr., carries on a large vinegar manufactory and a farm. He owns the old Mathewson store.

ALVIN M. MOWRY, born in Smithfield in 1855, is a son of Simon and Nancy Mowry. He came to Johnston in 1887 and is a wholesale and retail milk dealer. He married in 1879 Ida E., daughter of Edward E. Hale. They have two children: Alice M., born 1881, and M. Ethelyn, born 1884. Mr. Mowry is a member of the Baptist Church of Georgiaville. Mrs. Mowry is a member of the Episcopal church of Olneyville.

HARLAN A. PAGE, born in Glocester in 1842, is a son of William Page of the same town. He enlisted in 1862 and served through the rebellion. He came to Johnston in 1866 and engaged in building and contracting. He has built nearly 100 houses in the vicinity of Olneyville. He was married in 1867 to Emma R. Randall, who died in 1868, leaving a son. He next married Sarah R. Mathewson, who died in 1873, leaving a daughter. He married Malvina S. Mathewson in 1874. She died in 1882, leaving a son and a daughter. In 1883 he married Sarah A. Garnett. They have had three children, one of whom died in 1888. Mr. Page is a member of the I.O.O.F. He was a member of the town council in 1884 and 1885 and assessor of taxes previously in Johnston. He was on the committee to build the Free-will Baptist church, Plainfield Street, and is one of the committee of house at the present time.

SIMON S. PAGE, born in Glocester, R.I., in 1834, is a son of William and Mary (Steere) Page. He came to Johnston in 1877. He learned the carpenter trade in his younger days and after coming to Johnston became a real estate dealer. He has held several offices. In 1880 he took the United States census for the town of Johnston; in 1885 he took the town census. He has been justice of the peace, assistant trial justice, special constable, deputy coroner, and on committees of the town, two years water and light commissioner and assessor of taxes six years, trustee of school district No. 15 five years, and also a member of the school committee, and is now notary public. Mr. Page has been twice married, his first wife being Mary E. Hudson, granddaughter of Doctor Samuel Hudson of Cranston. They had two children, a daughter and son, the daughter is now living. Mrs. Page died in 1868 and he married in 1870 Corlista A. Bachelder. They have four children. Mr. and Mrs. Page are members of the Free-will Baptist church of Olneyville. He was superintendent of the Sunday school five years, and has been superintendent of four other Sunday schools. He is now teacher of a Bible class.

LEANDER W. PECKHAM, born in Westerly, R.I., April 21st, 1846, is son of Daniel and Betsey M. (Clark) Peckham. He came to Johnston in 1871 and engaged in the manufacturing business, first in the Brown Mill at Thornton. In 1885 he leased the mill from Mr. Fletcher, known as the Bag Mill. He employs 30 hands. He does an annual business of from thirty to forty thousand dollars. Mr. Peckham married Josephine A. Bennett of Johnston, in 1879.

ALVA O. PIKE, born in Johnston in 1852, is a son of Thomas and Phebe (Harris) Pike, and grandson of Isaac Pike. Thomas was born in Connecticut in 1822, married in 1850, and had two sons and two daughters. Alva O. married in 1883 Adaline E., daughter of George G. and Sarah Pierce of Providence.

WALDO M. PLACE is a son of William H., who was a son of H.N.F. Place and he a son of Dutee Place, who was born in Glocester, R.I., November 25th, 1783, and lived to be nearly 103 years old. William H. Place married Adelaide J. Steere, daughter of Smith Steere of Glocester, and Waldo M. is their only child.

WELCOME A. POTTER, born January 17th, 1810, in Cranston, is a son of Benjamin, born August 11th, 1774, died 1853. He was a cotton manufacturer. He had ten children, of whom only two are living—Asa K. and Welcome A. Welcome A. married Maria M. Pettis August 18th, 1839. She was a daughter of James M. Pettis of Johnston. They have one son, Benjamin J., engaged in the furniture trade in Providence. Mrs. Potter died in January, 1890.

JAMES B. RANDALL is a son of James B. and Amanda Randall, grandson of Samuel Randall and great-grandson of Captain James Randall. His grandfather, Samuel Randall, was known as Judge Randall. James B. Randall Jr., lives on the old homestead in Johnston where he and his father were born, and which has been in the Randall family over 150 years. He married Sarah E. Mead, of Elmira, N.Y., and they have three children: William M., Sadie F. and Harry T. Mr. Randall belongs to the Independent Order of Good Fellows of Olneyville.

ETHAN T. SHELDON, born in Johnston in 1847, is a son of Angell, Jr., and grandson of Angell, all natives of Johnston. Mr. Sheldon is a milk and ice dealer. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. and of the Rough and Ready Fire Company. He married in 1871 Esther, daughter of William and Ellen Walch. They have four children living: Newell B., Rowena, Dora and Mary B.

BENJAMIN F. SMITH, born in Glocester in 1830, is a son of Benjamin. He was married to Almira R. Olney in 1851. They have four children: George A., born in 1852; Ella F., 1858; Ann A., 1861, and Frank E., 1869. Almira R. Smith was born in 1827. Benjamin and Almira have ten grandchildren.

NICHOLAS S. SMITH, son of James W. and Sarah A. Smith, was born in Johnston in 1834. His father, James, was born in 1804, and his mother in 1804. Nicholas S. married Sophia, daughter of Olney Angell. They have two children: Clarence A., born 1868, and Eva M., born 1867.

STANTON J. SMITH is a son of James W., whose father, Nicholas, was a son of Benjamin, all born in Johnston. James W. had two sons: Stanton J., born 1831, and Nicholas S. Stanton J. married for his first wife, Susan J. Corbin. They had four children. Mrs. Smith died in 1868. In 1870 he married Sarah E., daughter of Henry Davenport, of New Jersey. They have one son, Henry D., born in 1880. Mr. Smith has served eight terms in the town council, and one as member of the general assembly. He is a member of Roger Williams Lodge, No. 32, F.&A.M. of Centredale.

WILLIAM M. SMITH, born in Johnston in 1808, is a son of Harry Smith, who was born in 1783. Harry was a son of Benjamin. William M. Smith's mother died when he was three years old. Her name was Lydia Manchester. William M. Smith was married in 1846 to Eveline G. Marble, who died in 1869. He married in 1871 Amey A., daughter of William Eddy.

MRS. CHARLOTTE STEERE is the widow of Benedict Steere, and lives with her brother, William Sheldon. He was born in Johnston in 1817, and is a son of Angell and Eunia Sheldon. They had 14 children. William Sheldon married Julia A., daughter of Harry Smith, in 1842. They have four children, all married and settled in Rhode Island.

BYRON O. SWEET, son of Joseph Sweet, was born in North Providence in 1864, and came to Johnston in 1888. He is a milk dealer. He married Maggie T. Walsh in 1884. They have two children: Fannie L. and Madeline M.

DANIEL THORNTON was born in 1798 in Johnston, and had seven children. Eliza S. And Sylvania (Mrs. Carrie E. Brown), sisters, live on the Thornton homestead. Their brother, Albert O. Thornton, lives in Johnston. Daniel Thornton was born, married and died in the same house now occupied by his daughters.

ELIJAH W. THORNTON, born in 1828, is a son of Jeremiah, born in 1786, he a son of Solomon, he a son of Daniel. Elijah W. married in 1859 Zilpha E., daughter of Olney and Almira Angell. They have four children: Sarah J., Fenner A., Emory C. and Alfred M. There have been seven generations of the Thorntons born in the house Elijah W. now occupies. On his farm stands the largest and oldest apple tree in the state, nearly five feet through and 250 years old.

MISS ANN E. THURBER, born in Johnston in 1836, is a daughter of Ira and Amey Thurber, both born in RI, the former in 1806, and the latter in 1808. They had three daughters and three sons. The sons are in California. Miss Ann E. owns the old homestead. The father of Ira was Esquare Thurber. The mother of Ann E. is living. She married Ira Thurber in 1831. She lives with her daughter, Eleanor B., who married Ephraim A. Winsor in 1861. They have two children. Esquare and his brother Samuel both served in the revoluntionary war.

FRANK W. TILLINGHAST, born in Richmond, Washington County, RI, in 1859, is a son of William B. Tillinghast. He graduated at Boston University Law School in 1883, came to Johnston in 1886, and engaged in the manufacturing business at Thornton, purchasing the Brown Mill. He was married to Grace G., daughter of Thomas C. Peckham. They have one son, Carl K. Mr. Tillinghast is a member of the Providence Bar. He was elected member of the legislature from Johnston in 1889.

CHARLES E. TOURTELLOT, born in Scituate in 1849, is a son of Asa, who was born in the same town in 1805, and married Eliza L., daughter of Elder Joseph Manchester. They both died in 1887. Eliza was born in 1811. They had three sons—Asa M., Charles E. and Edwin A.—and six daughters. Charles E., Mary M., and Abbie F. live together on the homestead where the father died. The other daughters are: Phebe R., wife of Nehemiah R. Angell; Sanondess A., wife of Ethan A. Jenks; Angeline E., wife of John S. Paine, and Elizabeth W., wife of William R. Wilder, all living.

HENRY S. TURNER, only son of Henry B. and Mary J. Turner, was born May 1st, 1858 in Johnston. He married Sadie F. Eaton, of Connecticut, in 1887. He has held the office of town councilman, and was elected member of the general assembly in 1889. He is a republican.

ALBA WADE, born in 1819, is a son of Jonathan, and grandson of Willard, all born in Glocester, R.I. Jonathan had eight children. Alba came to Johnston in 1861. He married Maria Mann. They have six children.

JAMES H. WALCH, born in Cranston in 1851, is a son of James and Elizabeth Walch. He came to Johnston in 1854 with his parents. He engaged in the ice trade in Olneyville in 1876 and does a wholesale and retail business. He married Louise E. Stokes in 1876. They have two children. Mr. Walch is a republican. He held the office of town councilman in 1884, 1885, and 1886. He was elected member of assembly in 1887 and 1888, and served in the committee on printing and military.

ABRAHAM A. WATERMAN, born in Johnston, is a son of Christopher and grandson of Resolved Waterman. He was married in 1869 to Sarah A. Rogers of Johnston, daughter of Abner B. Rogers. They have six children.

CALVIN T. WATERMAN, born in Johnston in 1816, is a son of John (2), whose father William, was a son of John. John (2), married Mercy Randall. They had five children, Calvin T. married Amey, a daughter of Stephen and Marcy (Sweet) Belknap. They have two children: Anna M., born 1843, and Stephen B., born 1850.

EDWARD H. WATERMAN, brother of Calvin T., was born September 28th, 1820, and was the youngest son of John (2). He has had four wives. His first wife was Marcy Belknap. They had one son, James H. (deceased). She died in 1847. His second wife was Laura J. Trowbridge; his third wife was Esther Belknap, by whom he had one son, John E. (deceased); and his fourth wife was Sarah Belknap, daughter of Benjamin Belknap. They were married in 1863 and have one daughter, Mary F., born in 1866. Mr. Waterman has two grandchildren who live on the farm with him, James E., and William M. Waterman.

ANSON P. WINSOR, born April 20th, 1845, in Johnston, is a son of Ephraim and Rhoda T. (Brown) Winsor. Ephraim had four children, of whom Anson P. was the youngest. Anson married Georgiana, daughter of Nelson and Martha Ballou, in 1882. They have no children.

HENRY A. WINSOR, son of Elisha and Lucy Winsor, was born in Glocester in 1848. Elisha was born in 1821. He had six children, of whom Henry A. is the eldest. Elisha was a son of Isaac. Henry A. married Emma C., daughter of Martin Winsor in 1871. They have six children: Edith F., Bertley T., Lucy B., Jennie E., Chester P. and Isabel A.

ALFRED A. WILLIAMS, born in Providence in 1834, son of Larned and Sarah A. Williams, came to Johnston in 1856 and married Sarah Hendrick in 1855. They have five children: Alfred H., Sarah A., Hattie C., Olney H. and Larned. Mr. Williams is a market gardener. He has been member of the general assembly several times as a republican.

GEORGE W. WHITE, born in New Hampshire in 1826, is a son of Williams White of New Hampshire. He came to Johnston in 1846, and married in 1848 Eunice L., daughter of Ephraim Winsor of Johnston. They have five sons and one daughter. George W. has been a member of the general assembly two years and is employed a large share of his time in settling estates.

LEROY A. WHITE, born in 1853, is a son of George W. and Eunice L. White. He married in 1886 Alice M., daughter of John Bentley of Providence. They have two daughters: Claribel E., born in 1886, and Alice M., born in 1889. Mr. White has been in the town council and highway surveyor.

—Transcribed by Beth Hurd from History of Providence County by Richard M. Bayles, 1890-'91, pp811-821.

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