In S2E21, "Fore, Father," we see that this is Quagmire's vanity plate. Rhode Island is actually one of the bluest of the blue states, and few residents would be caught dead voting for anyone named Bush. In the most recent election before this episode (2000), Rhode Island had the lowest state percentage of votes for Bush, 32%. Oh, yeah!

Screenshot, 'Bushman' license plate.
(S2E21, "Fore, Father").

ARIGHT and GIGITY license plate mockups.
In other practical matters, the Division of Motor Vehicles only allows six characters on a vanity plate, so Quagmire would have to settle for BUSHMN or BSHMAN. ARIGHT or GIGITY would fit, though. Also, Quagmire's plate is plain white with black lettering; in 2000 it would have been the popular "wave" plate, which had been standard since the early 1990s.

By the way, the idea that the "BUSH" in BUSHMAN might refer to anything other than the forty-first or forty-third Presidents of the United States never even crossed our minds. So please stop sending pictures of your lady business to stuffie@quahog.org.

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