After Peter breaks Lois out of Quahog Women's State Penitentiary in S4E9, "Breaking Out Is Hard To Do," they hide out in Asiantown. There are currently no areas specified as "Chinatown" in Rhode Island, but there were in the past. According to Wikipedia, Providence had at least two. One was "on Burrill Street in the 1890s until 1901," when it was destroyed by a "mysterious" fire. The other, on Empire Street, lasted from the late 1800s until 1951, when urban renewal conveniently wiped it out.

Cartoon depiction of Asiantown.
S4E9, "Breaking Out Is Hard To Do."

The episode aired in 2005, and according to 2010 census figures, only 6.4 percent of Rhode Island's population was Asian, but that was up from 5.9 percent in 1990 and 0.5 percent in 1970. The demographic's rising numbers and influence are perhaps most obvious in Providence's many excellent Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Indian restaurants.

Vintage photo of Providence's Chinese district.
"The last of old Chinatown: All of the buildings through the center of the section were doomed by the extension of Empire Street. Former headquarters of local Chinese Societies in the foreground. In the distance the stage of Empire Theatre and tower of Central Bapitist Church." (Source unknown)

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