Hedging His Bets

Hedging His Bets

Buddy Christ, 1999
Buddy Christ, from the 1999 movie Dogma. (Wikipedia).

Judge Job Clark, of Hopkinton, aged 93 years, was baptized on the 2d instant, and united with the 1st Seventh-day Baptist Church in that town. The rite was administered at his residence by Elder Joshua Clark, pastor of the Church, assisted by Eld. Henry Clark, son of the Judge. Mr. C. has been from early life a disbeliever in the divinity of Christ, the Gospel, and the Christian religion, and has therefore depended upon morality, or, as he says, "natural religion," until within a year, when he renounced this dependence as inadequate, and professed undoubting faith in Christ, his Gospel, and unshaken confidence in all promises of the Saviour of sinners. Truly, this is "at the eleventh hour."

—from Narragansett Weekly, May 13, 1858.

Note: "Instant" used in the above context means the current month. Thus, the geezer was baptized on May 2. And not for nuthin', but Mr. Clarke lived more than two additional years, passing away September 17, 1860.

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