Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown

b. December 3, 1733, Providence
d. December 3, 1785, Providence

Joseph Brown's transit of Venus telescope
Telescope purchased by Joseph Brown in 1765 in anticipation of the 1769 transit of venus. (Collection of Brown University).

Second of the four surviving sons of James Brown II, and the most intellectually curious. In 1769 he took part in observations of the transit of Venus across the sun. Transit Street in Providence is named for the event.

Brown was the architect of several of Providence's landmark buildings, including Brown University's University Hall, Market House, the First Baptist Meeting House, and John Brown House.

The private residence he designed in 1774 still stands at 50 South Main Street in Providence. From 1801-1926 it housed the Providence National Bank.

Brown was inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame in 1999.

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