Regions and Territories

Regions and Territories

The [Australian Capital Territory], although geographically small at 2800 km2 (a little smaller than Rhode Island, east coast of the USA), includes a diverse range of habitats, including native grasslands, rivers, lakes, montane forests as well as sub-alpine woodlands and bogs.
—Australian Capital Territory Herpetological Association, (September 2000).

Taking all of it [the Golan], Israeli and Syrian, it is a little bigger than Rhode Island.
—The Claremont Institute, "Defending Free Enterprise, Israeli Style," by Larry P. Arnn, 1998.

Now an American businessman wants to build a huge game park and resort complex in the 580,000-acre [Matatuine region of Mozambique]—almost the size of Rhode Island—complete with a five-star hotel, floating casinos and bush lodges with access to the tropical coast and wild /> —The Cincinnati Post, "Big Game Resort Would Be A 1st; American Behind Mozambique Plan," December 11, 1997.

Eighteen Massachusetts can be put into Dakota [Territory], with ample room left to receive the little State of Rhode Island.
Marvels of the New West by William M. Thayer, 1887.

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