House Hunters

House Hunters

(HGTV, 1999-present) real estate series

If watching other people shop for real estate is on your top ten list of life's pleasures, this show is for you. And if, additionally, you're a real Rhode Island-o-phile like us, there are six episode you won't want to miss:

S19E13, "Planting Rhode Island Roots," aired March 18, 2007. Recent college grad Stacy Kish is so done with her cramped little apartment near the airport, and can't wait to begin paying the mortgage on her own little slice of heaven. She enlists the help of realtor Alayna Berek who guides Stacy through three Warwick properties: a single-level condo, a semi-detached townhouse, and a regular townhouse. After much agonizing, Stacy chooses the semi-detached and, presumably, lives happily ever after. The episode includes a montage of Warwick scenes, and a scene with Stacy and some of her friends hanging out at an empty Grille on Main in East Greenwich.

S25E8, "Renting in Rhode Island," aired May 18, 2008. Lisa Davis and her kids, Rachel and Ryan, tired of the rental rat race, tour three Cranston properties—all of which have pink bathrooms. One of the properties, according to a Quahog reader who was surprised to see a familiar house in the episode, is located on the corner of Rangely Road and Crestwood Court. "I recognized our neighbors' house directly across on Rangely and then the exterior of the house next door, the featured home," she told us. "I also remember all three of the prospects in this episode having pink bathrooms and the buyer... asking if all the bathrooms in Cranston were pink. We laughed as our home had a pink and black bath, which we renovated to black and white! Anyway, we knew that the featured house contained a lower-level in-law suite (because we had met the couple who lived in that apartment). Oddly, the in-law suite was neither shown nor mentioned. As the camera panned the outside area, we saw a portion of our roof. The buyer did not choose our neighbors' house. What is really strange about this is neither we or any neighbors noticed a film crew around the neighborhood."

S68E5, "Swim Instructor Wants Home Near Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island," aired September 28, 2012. HGTV episode description: "Swim instructor, Jaimie, is ready to move out of her sister's place and into a home of her own. She wants a three-bedroom home with a large yard for her dogs. Since she enjoys open-ocean swimming, Jaimie wants her home as close to the beach as possible. But with just $250,000 to spend in one of New England's most sought-after coastal enclaves, she's in for a wake-up call."

S98E5, "Young Providence Buyers Battle Over Loft vs. Single Family Home," aired March 4, 2015: HGTV episode description: "Dylan and Jenica are looking for their first home in Providence, Rhode Island. He's set on a loft, or an income property, in the heart of downtown. She has her eyes on a single family colonial in the suburbs, with a formal dining room and good space for her to give voice lessons."

S156E1, "Situated in Scituate," aired December 12, 2018: HGTV episode description: "Two buyers searching outside of Providence are like oil and water. From the need for a pool to picking a design style, their wish lists just don't mix. But with four kids and a limited budget, they'll have a lot of compromising to do." Verde Vineyards in the adjacent town of Johnston is a featured location.

S156E12, "Picky in Providence," aired January 29, 2019: HGTV episode description: "A Providence, Rhode Island, couple wants to buy a vintage home. But while he appreciates the ornateness of a Victorian, she finds them creepy and would prefer the simplicity of a Craftsman."

Believe it or not, there's more of this incredible edge-of-your-seat drama just waiting to be seen. With several seasons being chucked in the can each year, there are (as of April 2021) 199 seasons of House Hunters to look at.

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