Chase Belafonte's "Working Title"

Chase Belafonte's "Working Title"

(2011) web series

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Screenshot. (Chase Belafonte's "Working Title," Episode 1).

This started out as a 2009 48-Hour Film Project submission and blossomed into a five-part web series. The premise has a documentary film crew following the actors and crew on an independent film production. Most of the initial short was filmed at Optic Sugar design studio, Branch Avenue, Providence, while the fight scenes were filmed at Prospect Park. The web series was filmed in and around the converted mill building in West Warwick that served as 12 Guage Pictures' studio.

Links to the webisodes:
S1E1, "The Contracts," aired January 1, 2011.
S1E2, "The Scripts," aired February 1, 2011.
S1E3, "Becky, Take Your Top Off," aired March 1, 2011.
S1E4, "Internviews," aired April 1, 2011.
S1E5, "World's Best Episode," aired May 1, 2011.

View the original 48-hour film project submission:

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