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Bar Rescue

(Spike TV, 2011-'16; Paramount Network, 2018—) reality series

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This show attempts to rescue failing bars through renovations, menu and personnel changes, etc. The September 15, 2013, episode (S3E20, "Barely Above Water") centered on Marley's on the Beach, a tavern located next door to Iggy's Doughboys on Oakland Beach in Warwick.

The episode was filmed in May 2013. Among the changes meant to bring Marley's back from the brink: a name change—to St. Michelle's Beach Club; upgraded patio furniture and dance floor; the addition of four outdoor fire pits; a revamped and expanded drink menu; and on-air termination of assistant manager Elese. Adding to the drama, some impromtu marriage counseling for bar owners Kevin and Michelle.

Post-production, the new name didn't stick (they compromised on Marley's Beach Club) and the drink menu continued to evolve, but the infrastructural changes remained and Elese stayed fired. Regardless, Marley's closed in November 2013, only two months after the episode aired.

Iggy's (which owned the building) soon re-opened the location as Iggy's Boardwalk. They're still in business as of 2023.

Marley's employees, Iggy's owner Dave Gravino, comment on behind-the-scenes shenanigans, September 27, 2013

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