The Sting

The Sting


Narragansett Park, Pawtucket
Narragansett Park, Pawtucket. (Circa 1950s postcard).

The fake tip "Blue Note in the fourth race at Narragansett" helps set up the big con. Narragansett Park, opened in 1934, was a horse racing venue located in Pawtucket. It closed in 1978. From about 1989 to 2013 discount closeout retailer Building 19 1/9 occupied the grandstand building where racing enthusiasts once placed bets.

More than one person on Facebook, commenting on a post related to Narragansett Park, recalled that when they saw The Sting at the Four Seasons Cinemas, less than a mile from the race track, the audience reacted to the local reference with cheers and laughter.

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