Walter, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Walter, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Seeing photos of the old Jamestown Bridge being demolished [April 18, 2006] reminded me of Salty Brine. Along with everyone else who grew up listening and watching Salty's shows, he will always be remembered for his ever-pleasant outlook on life. He also had a song that he would sing on his show once and a while. These are the words:

When I first met Midge,
Down on the Jamestown Bridge,
In old Narragansett Bay,
She stole my heart away.
'Twas on a bright and summer's day.

We went canoeing,
And we did some wooing,
As we watched the gulls at play.
'Twas on that Jamestown strand,
That I won her hand.

Down in Narragansett,
Oh you loving 'Gansett,
Down in Narragansett Bay.

Received via email, April 25, 2006.

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