Vinnie, Brick, New Jersey

Vinnie, Brick, New Jersey

I just came across your Salty Brine website. It's nice to know that someone is keeping his memory alive!

I'm a Providence native who five years ago re-located to New Jersey to take a position at WJRZ-FM (morning drive). I have since left that position to operate my own internet radio station.

In 1966, I was hired as a staff announcer at WPRO-FM (studios were located on Neutaconkanut Hill in Johnston). It was there that I had my first encounter with Salty Brine. I was promoted to FM production manager, and that would bring me to the WPRO-AM studios every afternoon to get the commercial production done.

The original WPRO-AM studios and WPRO-TV, then the early WPRI-TV, were located on Mason Street [in Providence]. WPRO was on the fourth floor, the television studios were on the fifth floor directly above WPRO-AM. The first floor housed the Social Security offices for Providence. As they began building the Providence Civic Center, eventually the building that housed WPRO and the television studios was torn down, and Mason Street was eliminated. I'm not exactly sure when that happened though.

Salty and I became very good and close friends over the years, and he taught me everything I know about professional radio broadcasting. Many, many times I was asked to fill in on the overnight show on WPRO-AM, and therefore would be in studio when Salty came in at 5 in the morning. [He was] always jolly, cheery, and smiling, with several newspapers under his arm, and once in awhile, he would bring Jeff, his collie, with him.

I'll always cherish those early days at WPRO-AM. Salty will always be in my heart as a caring and true radio professional. Thank you Salty, for all the help, direction, and friendship you've shown to me in those days on Mason Street!

You are missed dearly.

Received via email, February 22, 2007.

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