Richard, Clearwater, Florida

Richard, Clearwater, Florida

I grew up summers in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Even though we lived in other states in New England during the winters, I always looked forward to getting back to Narragansett. My family had a summer business there and I remember listening to Salty Brine every day.

Everyone I knew listened to Salty Brine; even my teenage friends. That just proves how popular he really was. I especially loved the sound of his voice. There was always something happy and positive coming from him all the time.

I wish I could have met him personally to know him better. But then, anyone who listened to him knew who he was. And, that's because when he spoke, he was always talking to everyone like he was sitting next to you. Not many people can do that but Salty Brine did!

Thank you Salty Brine for adding so much joy to everyone who was lucky enough to hear your voice. You will be missed but not forgotten.

WPRO Salty Brine 50th Anniversary mug.
Mug celebrating Salty's 50th year with WPRO, circa 1992.
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