Mike, Nashua, New Hampshire

Mike, Nashua, New Hampshire

I was a big fan of Salty Brine and his show on WPRO Channel 12. They had a great signal up into Massachusetts where I grew up. I remember Salty closing the show saying "Brush your teeth and say your prayers... say 'good-night' Jeff!", and of course Jeff would always hit his mark and bark good-night to the camera.

Hmm... no one has mentioned the "Ship's Wheel" segment he used to do, where he would display close-ups of photographs (mostly churches?) taped to his ship's wheel sent in by viewers.

As for his voice, I remember LaRosa Spaghetti was also one of his sponsors. He'd do a short commercial for LaRosa and end it by stretching out the LaRosa name by rolling his tongue "La-R-R-R-Rosa." To this day, I attribute that one sound bite of him to my ability to roll my tongue for voice work.

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