Mark, Gorham, Maine

Mark, Gorham, Maine

My family moved from Providence to Barrington in the mid-'50s. I watched Salty and Jeff on WPOR on a small Zenith b/w TV. I thought that Salty knew Popeye! At the end of our road was a small farm; the farmer I remember as "Uncle Fred." Turns out that Fred and Salty were buddies...

One summer day, when I was maybe 6, Uncle Fred asked me to come by the farm later, as he had a surprise. So off I went to the farm by myself (you could do that, back then) only to find Salty Brine there!

What a thrill to meet "Salty from the TV!" Before I went home, Salty had shown me how to place a blade of grass between my thumbs to make a whistle. I look forward to showing my grandson that trick. I'll never forget his kindness to this ordinary kid!

Received via email, November 29, 2021.

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