Gladys, Oceano, California

Gladys, Oceano, California

When I was a child fifty years ago, Salty was in my life at breakfast and dinnertime five days a week, between 1950 or so and the middle sixties.

I was so happy when he would say, "No school Warren." That was great. Then watching Salty's Shack...

Salty visits Potter Children's Hospital, undated.
"Rhode Island's beloved 'Salty' Brine visits Potter Children's Hospital." Part of an historical exhibit at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence. (photographed November 10, 2022).

I also remember the Christmas parties. Salty would M.C. the party. It was held at the Warren Town Hall. Salty would introduce Santa. He would help pass out presents to us children. I think of him often. He was my favorite person from my childhood.

I couldn't wait to go back to Rhode Island for the Fourth of July Parade, so I could see him. I hope to see him when we meet again in God's home.

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