Dave, Manchester, United Kingdom

Dave, Manchester, United Kingdom

...I too would like to share a memory of "Salty."

I was on a long vacation (thirteen weeks) from the UK during the summer months of July 1962. I was only age 11 at the time. As a keen children's TV viewer at the time in the UK, [I thought] TV celebrities were something to be seen on TV, not met in person, [which] was unheard of. [While in the States] I'd seen "Salty and Jeff" on his regular evening spot several times and thought he was magical.

One evening we went somewhere in the Providence, Rhode Island, area to a Fun Fair. Little did I know I was to see "Salty" in person! He was at one of the attractions among all the other attractions, as I remember, just sitting signing autographs. I couldn't believe my eyes, this was a truly unforgettable experience for me—"a real live TV celebrity" before my eyes.

After plucking up the courage to meet him and speak to him, within seconds he put me at ease, and I was soon telling him I was from England on a visit, I liked his show, and where was Jeff, etcetera, etcetera. He must have been asked "where was Jeff" at least a hundred times that evening, yet the answer to my question was as if no one had asked before.

He truly was a genuinely nice man.

He gave me his autograph [and] picture postcard, at the time, of himself and Jeff. I would have loved to attach it to this email but I just can't find it anymore!

Gorman's Bread postcard, undated.
Was your postcard like this one of Salty and Little Jeff sharing a smile over a loaf of Gorman's Bread, Dave? (circa 1961).

Received via email, October 22, 2006.

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