Carlos, Seekonk, Massachusetts

Carlos, Seekonk, Massachusetts

When I was a little boy my parents and I drove to the television studio during the Jerry Louis marathon to donate some money. Salty Brine was there, and ended up giving me a whole bunch of cool stuff... the one gift I remember was a huge inflatable "munchkin" doll that was a promotional item for Dunkin' Donuts. I had no idea why he gave me all this stuff, until I went to school and found out I was on TV!

Salty's Shipmates, undated.
Using unsuspecting children to shill for their advertisers? Gotta pay the bills somehow. This time the product placement is for La Rosa brand pasta. (Courtesy of Barry and Elaine Vaill, former owners of the The Christmas House in Exeter).

One of these days I'll pay to have someone go through the archives and find the old footage, if it exists. I'd love to see myself at that age again.

Received via email, December 19, 2008.

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