Big John, Raytown, Missouri

Big John, Raytown, Missouri

Yup, I'm an old timer; right now getting ready for 54. I was just browsing through my eBay watch list when I saw a WSAR Fall River radio station top song list from 1975. For some unexplainable reason it made me start looking for info about Salty Brine. Your web site has the mother load of Salty information. I remember watching in the early morning, I think. We lived in Fall River at the time. We got channels 6, 10, and 12. Salty's Shack [is a pleasant] memory. Am I correct that there was something about a stick and a white flag hanging from it that waved in a window, side to side? I was so happy to read articles that showed Salty's work [and life] history into the years 2000-plus. What a heart breaker to see that he has passed on to better times.

WPRO-TV promotional photo, undated.
WPRO-TV promotional photo, undated. (Courtesy of Barry and Elaine Vaill, former owners of the The Christmas House in Exeter).

I currently live in Missouri just outside of Kansas City. I have been out here for twenty years now. I am glad to have found your writings and clips about Salty the man. Now I am in a position to understand and appreciate more about what made life easy and fun then. Everybody seemed to love this guy. Did he have anything to do with any Rocky Point radio advertisements? [Mine] is as nice as most posts I have read to your web page [but it] doesn't have to go there [on the site]. It is more of a thank you, for you, for bringing me up to date about things that resurfaced out of the blue about that show and time. So here it is from my heart to yours: I wish you all the years of success to match your subject. You should have another forty or fifty more to go to catch up with Salty.

Received via email, May 26, 2009.

You're very welcome, Big John. But please don't call yourself an "old timer" yet—you're only about ten years older than we are!—Ed.

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