Betty, Okeechobee, Florida

Betty, Okeechobee, Florida

I was born in Pawtucket some sixty-nine years ago [1940—ed.] and I grew up listening to Salty on the radio way before TV. My Aunt Ruth was the "diaper lady." He talked about her often on the morning show. She called in to request songs and talk to Salty and she would tell her woes over the diapers frozen on the line or something, and so he began to call her the diaper lady as she had a new story about the diapers every day.

Many years after the diaper lady thing my cousin was a dancer on the TV show WPRO had. It was mostly kids. I don't really remember how old he was—around 12—but he sure could tap dance. Salty had something to do with that show or stopped by and finally met the diaper kid. We all thought this was funny. If you can find a faithful listener from the '40s they may remember the diaper lady.

WPRO Great Scott buck.
A WPRO Great Scott buck featuring Salty and Jeff, undated. Great Scott was a supermarket chain. In 1955 it had two locations in Providence, and one each in East Providence and West Warwick.

Salty's radio program was over at 9am and the Don McNeill show came on and we marched around the breakfast table. Of course that was when there was no school.

During the late '50s (1958, I think) they [WPRO] had a green stamp campaign to buy Christmas toys for children who would not get anything otherwise. All you had to do was send the green stamps in finished books or part finished books and they would get the toys. Well, this was a huge success and they had tons of loose stamps. Then they asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to put the stamps in books. I took a bus many days to Providence to help with putting the stamps in books.

I never did forget Salty and he did not forget my Aunty, the diaper lady. I remember best The Little Rascals, my favorite part of the Salty Brine's Shack show. Also his wife's stuffed pork chops. Boy, he could make your mouth water with his description of many of his favorite meals. My cousin found your web site. It sure was great to read and it brought back many memories of great times of my childhood, and then later my children's childhoods.

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