South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Climbing and sliding down a snow pile, Providence, February 10, 1978
"To the summit: Janet Sleszynski and Guy Porreca of Providence climb a drift of snow which accumulated against the side of a parking garage, left. They get to the top, above. Victory. And... slide all the way down." (Robert Emerson/Providence Journal-Bulletin, February 10, 1978).

I was attending Providence College at that time. A friend of mine was an EMT, and had gotten an emergency license to travel when the roads were shut down. He and I took this girl back to her parent's house in Middletown (she had a bad flu), in the middle of the night. We got stopped by some National Guardsmen in Providence and had to produce the license. It was an eerie ride, as there was nobody out on the streets at all.

The snow drifted so high that kids at my dorm (Fennell) could and would jump out of third floor windows into the drifts below.

Originally posted in the alt.rhode_island newsgroup, January 7, 1994.

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