Siler City, North Carolina

Paper bag from Eddie's Market
Paper grocery bag from Eddie's Market, Slatersville Plaza, North Smithfield. (Steven Johnson, Facebook, December 11, 2017).

I remember that storm. I was nine, growing up at Spring Lake in Burrillville. We had an eight-and-a-half foot snow drift in the front of the house. It took my dad five days to shovel the driveway. Finally with only two feet to go, he busted out with the snow mobile to find the road was not plowed. I said "Dad, can I shovel the steps." Well, he let me and I got the big idea to jump off the porch into the snow. I sunk in up to my armpits. My parents had to dig me out.

We also had a big wooden dog sled (like one of those used in the Alaskan race). Dad used to pull us with the snow mobile on it. So he hooked it up, and him and my mom drove it all the way from Burrillville to Eddie's Market in Slatersville, North Smithfield (about twenty or so miles) to buy food. A cop pulled my dad over and said, "I know and understand why—just please keep it off the main driving lanes."

Burrillville only had school one day that week and when it started to snow again, they immediately sent us home and cancelled school for the remainder of the week and the following week. We ended up losing our April Spring vacation because if it. That was a big storm and fun for us kids.

Received via email, February 6, 2010.

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