Auburn, Michigan

Men with cases of Narragansett Beer, February 1978
"Look what kept WPRO on-air during the Blizzard of '78! Photo courtesy of Sean Frederick. His uncle, Holland Cooke, is pictured left." (, September 14, 2012).

I was telling my daughter about this because we are getting a huge snowstorm today in Michigan where we live. I was a freshman at Rhode Island College and made it home safely that day due to a friend's dad who insisted I take a ride and not walk as usual. My dad was the principal of an elementary school in Lincoln and he and my uncle got stuck and had to stay with strangers in their home for a week. He ran out of his heart medicine and our neighbor, Governor Garrahy, helped get him out of there with the help of the National Guard. (God bless that wonderful man!)

My funniest memory was convincing one of my friends to walk with me back to RIC after a few days of cabin fever to see if the pub was open so we could have a few beers. It took us over an hour to go less than a mile and of course it was closed. Well, DUH! I felt like an idiot—here it was the great blizzard of '78 and all I could think about was beer! I do remember walking on the roofs of cars to get anywhere and what a cool feeling that was, but it was a scary time for our little state.

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