Atlanta, Georgia

Man with shovel, February 1978.
Less than delighted with the task ahead of him. (Zanghi family, Warren, February 1978).

Things I remember (I was only 10 at the time), growing up in Cumberland...

It took about ten days until our local streets were plowed, due to the depth of the snow. The main roads (like Diamond Hill and Mendon) were plowed a lot sooner, so it was really irritating to know you couldn't go anywhere. Our neighbor took orders from the neighborhood and walked a sled about two miles to the IGA on Diamond Hill Road to buy us all food.

I don't know how long the power was out, only a couple days, I think. We cooked dinner on one of those camping stoves with a disposable blue can under it.

When the payloader (too deep for a snowplow) did plow the road, I think every house on the street offered the guy coffee or beer. It also resulted in the largest snowmound (and later, largest snowfort) that our neighborhood had ever seen, where the payloader piled the snow between our yard and our neighbor's.

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