Largo, Florida

I was living in Warwick, attending Warwick Veterans Memorial High School when the blizzard hit. I have a few lasting memories of the time.

The entire state was shut down (except to emergency and heating repair vehicles), leaving major roads like West Shore Road and Warwick Avenue open to pedestrians. I saw sleds with kids on them and sleds with baskets of food or laundry going down the center of streets that normally were barely safe to cross.

Across the street from where we lived the snow had drifted to the roof of the high school. My step-brother and I actually climbed to the roof and jumped into the snow drift (in hindsight, not necessarily a wise decision).

I distinctly remember the neighborhoods and the entire state pulling together to help each other.

Received via email, February 8, 2013.

State of Emergency declaration, February 6, 1978
Governor J. Joseph Garrahy's declaration of a state of emergency, February 6, 1978. (Rhode Island State Archives).

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