Coventry, Rhode Island

It was 7pm the day after the blizzard on the 7th. My brother-in-law called and asked us if we would go with him to the train station to get his son who was arriving from Okinawa. The excitement got to us and we agreed to go.

We lived off of Mary Street in the Woodlawn section [of Pawtucket]. We walked over to North Main Street and had to walk almost the whole length. It really did not look like North Main Street. It was beautiful. People were on skis and snow sleds. Many like us were walking. I never had given thought to having to walk back, lol. When we finally got to the station at 11pm, my nephew arrived wearing a light blue leisure suit with those '70s pump shoes, and carrying a duffel bag. Needless to say the Marine carried his own duffle bag. We never got home until 4am. It was an experience, but one I would never agree to again. :)

Union Station, Providence, February 1978
Union Station, Providence. "Refugees take shelter in buildings ranging from the train station to business firms." (George E. Rooney, The Rhode Islander blizzard special, March 19, 1978).

I remember going to get groceries and bringing the kids' sleds with us to carry the groceries back home, but I also remember the price gouging. My cousin was a teacher in an Uxbridge school and she was stuck there. But sadness happened. One of her students was found dead a few days to a week later. Apparently, she went out to play and a plow truck driver did not see her. They found her body when the snow began to melt.

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