Cumberland, Rhode Island

Alfredo Esparza in his driveway, 1978
Providence pathologist Alfredo Esparzo poses in the driveway of his Angell Street home, highlighting the height of shoveled snow. (Alfredo Esparza, February 1978).

The Blizzard of 1978 was truly about the total snowfall for northern Cumberland. The highest snowfall total in any storm ever [previously] recorded here was thirty-two inches in the blizzard of February 24-28, 1969. The Blizzard of 1978 gave us a mind-blowing fifty-five inches of snow with about thirty-eight to forty on the ground [when] compacted. Our average seasonal snowfall is about fifty-five inches, mind you. Along with this, what made the storm even more amazing, was that just two weeks earlier there was a twenty-inch storm which is a rather rare amount in itself. When the main blizzard hit, a good amount of this snow was still around. Furthermore, there was the "Great Midwest Blizzard of 1978" in the middle of those two storms. What a two week period! I can only hope that another one of these ultra severe blizzards strikes again. Although there have been storms with the power and intensity of that storm, specifically in recent years, none have been able to stick around long enough, or be all snow instead of a mix. Time will tell...

Received via email, January 5 and February 5, 2006.

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