New York City

I had just turned 7 years old the week before. We lived in West Warwick, right behind Horgan Elementary School. That worked out great for us, because we were able to get milk from the cafeteria and run to Almacs, which was nearby. We lost power for a few days, but luckily we were used to losing power during storms. We had a camper stove to use for cooking and heating water, and plenty of candles, matches, and blankets.

I remember seeing snowmobiles for the first time. Dad helped the kids make gopher tunnels in the snow. When he and the other men cleared the walkways, the snow piles were at least four to six feet high. The tunnels were great for hiding from our mothers. Dad also took us to Factory Street, which is this mountain of a road. Everyone from town was there to enjoy great sledding.

I have fond memories, and some not-so-fond memories. But I'm glad I was young and able to enjoy it while it lasted.

Received via email, August 1, 2003.

Snowmobile, Providence East Side, February 1978
Snowmobile in use on Providence's East Side. (Alfredo Esparza, February 1978).

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