Forsyth County, Georgia

Blizzard of '78 lottery ticket
A commemorative Blizzard of '78 Rhode Island Lottery ticket. (Courtesy of Elaine Zeman).

I remember the Blizzard of '78 very well. I was at the tender age of six at the time it hit. The thought of being out of school riddled my mind. I remember that morning they were saying on the radio, "Don't bother sending your kids to school or going in to work, this is only the beginning." As expected, most, including my family, ignored what was being said and we went about our normal morning routine. I remember arriving at school to start our day only to turn around and have the schools close, and we were back home by 10 that morning. I remember watching the snow fall waiting for it to ease up so we could go out and play. In the days that followed, I remember my dad climbing out the dining room window so he could shovel out the door so we could go out. I remember thinking that this was a lot of snow and I was amazed that in places it was so deep we were walking on top of the cars. Me and my sister enjoyed playing in the snow with our friends and I remember digging a tunnel so we could crawl through the snow. My father also endeavored outside to help build a ship out of snow. I remember him going back into the house to fill pitchers with water to pour over top to make it a solid structure. I also remember enjoying sledding down the hill at the end of the neighborhood. This is when I was also introduced to "Snowcream." I also remember the thaw of this much snow flooding our basement. The summer following the great blizzard, my parents moved our family back to the south.

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