Narragansett, Rhode Island

I depended on RIPTA back then and had to get from my job at Newport Creamery next to Apex, in Pawtucket, to my home in Darlington. I walked all the way home, which took several hours. I made a lot of snow angels on the way—not to have fun, but to take a rest and get my circulation flowing. The snow was hip high when I finally got home. Not something I want to repeat.

I woke up the next morning and couldn't open the door. Fortunately, I had made it a habit of feeding the dog across the street from my front door—a big, stupid Saint Bernard by the name of Benji. He used to sit in the middle of the road and stare down cars as they attempted to drive past. He was out prancing in the snow. I called to him from the window and he did big giant leaps in the snow across the street and to my front door. [Following his trail was] the only way I could get out.

Car buried to the roof in snow, 1978
"The blizzard almost buried my new (1977) Nova on Leach Street, in Cumberland." Francis J. Arsenault, Cumberland. (The Rhode Islander Magazine, February 6, 1994).

To this day, I still carry a pillow, a sleeping bag, a bag of toiletries, toilet paper, granola bars, and a jug of water in the trunk of my car. My husband thinks I'm nuts.

Compiled from alt.rhode_island news group posts, December 30, 2000, and March 6, 2003.

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