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I remember this! I was born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. After being married to my husband, who was in the Navy at the time, we lived in Navy Housing. My husband commuted from Newport to Boston, where he was stationed for a short while. The snow was so high that my husband was on his way trying to get home and his car broke down in the road and he was trying to hitch a ride back to Newport. No one would stop even if he did see a car passing. Finally he made it home, frozen to death [and] tired, to find he could not even find the front door. The snow had made a big drift to where he could not get in. This was a delight to the kids, though, because throughout Navy housing the kids (and parents, too) had to shovel their way out of the houses and so we had snow tunnels to get in and out of the house. This was way cool for the kids. My son (about 3 at the time) loved it. You could not get him to come indoors. We ended up getting a car bumper sticker and a certificate saying we survived the blizzard of '78. To this day, mention it to my husband and he shudders!

WPRO's Official Certificate of Survival, 1978
WPRO's "Official Certificate of Survival." (Courtesy Meg Patenaud).

Now we live in California. (You think '78 had anything to do with it?)

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