Providence, Rhode Island

Evening Bulletin front page, February 6, 1978.
The state may have shut down, and distribution may have been severely curtailed, but the Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin both continued to publish every day. (Evening Bulletin, February 7, 1978).

I remember quite vividly I was working at Roger Williams Hospital as a ward secretary. I remember looking out the window when the snow started about 10am and I knew there was no way I'd be able to get home. Luckily my boyfriend at that time had a Volkswagen Rabbit which got through the snow quite well; plus he did not live too far away from the hospital, so I spent the night with him and his family—very lucky for me! I remember how everything was at a standstill. I did manage to walk back home to Smith Street [the next day], and it was weird seeing cars just stuck there, and numerous people out just walking and saying hello to each other. It was an event I will never forget, and I even did manage to walk to work that weekend and slept at the hospital in the Endoscopy Procedure Room! It was quite memorable and exciting.

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