Borrelli's Bakery

Borrelli's Bakery

Taste the tingle!

Exterior of Borelli's, 2011.
(July 17, 2011).

805 Charles Street, Providence
(401) 861-7955

Borrelli's has red and white pizza strips. The red ones we tried were a bit larger than most, reasonably moist and chewy, and the seasoning gave our lips a pleasant tingle. They also have pizza rounds and a dizzying array of Italian pastries, breads, and calzones.

Pizza strip, 2011.
(July 17, 2011).

Borrelli's was founded in 1948 by brothers Carmine II, Nick, and Tommy Borrelli, the father and uncles of Carmine Borrelli III, the current proprietor. The original location was in North Providence; Charles Street was opened in 2005, and they began expanding with additional locations around the state in 2013.

This Borrelli's location is open Monday to Saturday, 7am-5pm; and Sunday 7am-3pm.


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